Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to Ground Zero!

This is the debut post of Insufficient Light and Madness, the home site of Kane's Mind.  Many of the Master Minds have established sites here, and I keep getting asked in comments "why aren't you a master mind?  Why aren't you a master mind?"  Well, I have expressed my interest, and at this point, I am being patient.  The Master Minds as they are are a close-knit group of friends, established years ahead of my own project.  This is not something I can just fill out a form for and expect to obtain membership.  I have corresponded with a few of them, and I find them some really nice people.  If they want me to join, then it would be tactless of me to ask more.

Frankly, I get a great deal of support from the Master Minds...actually it was Ian Riley to whom I first proposed the idea of Kane's Mind.  He said he'd like to see a Minds series done using the Doom3 engine.  I hope I didn't disappoint him.  Then, CyhAnide referred many of her own viewers to me.  That, I thought, was incredibly thoughtful of her.  Curtis Trudeau-Brown and Jared O'Brien cited me in one of their works on how to make a Minds series.  These are some great people.

The site is largely going to be in a rather "under construction" state of being, functional and unfinished.  I regret that med school has taken its toll on my programming skills (which I haven't exercised since I aced an accelerated CSE course in my freshman year), so I'm winging it.  I'm hoping to get some way to link my episodes from YouTube or establish a download account for my movies.  Bear with me.  This will take some time and I still have to finish step 2 of the USMLE.

This site is also, hopefully, the core site at which I can post my "heads up's" as to what's going on.  I don't want to leave people in the dark.  However, med school eats time.  However well I have the process down for producing Kane's Mind, life on my end takes precedence.  This is probably the same reason why Little Kuriboh tells people "Never, ever ask 'where is the new episode?'"

I decided to be a smartass and ask, "Okay, then, WHO is the new episode?"

Coincidentally, within two weeks, he released the trailer on "the death of Tristan Taylor."  I had to laugh.

Ah yes, on the title of this blog...
"Insufficient Light and Madness" is a loose play on words, and the initials, ILM, are deliberate...a tip of the hat to Industrial Light and Magic, a company that made awesome special effects, and which employed a relative of mine (Michael Natkin) in two projects...Terminator 2 and Jurassic Park.  In both of them he headed up the CGI software development team.  Each project's effects required a brand new render system.  And no...I don't remember him...according to my parents the last time I actually saw him face to face was when I was two years old.  Anyway, the acronym hit me when I was producing a bumper for a video project for chemistry class in college.  I was doing the whole thing in audio-visual effects using MacroMind Director (the predecessor to Macromedia Flash).  "Insufficient Light" is another homage, to Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, one of the characters of which is "Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light."

As for the madness...well, put it this way.  You can't get into med school unless you're insane.  (Not in the DSM-IV criteria of mental illness or threat to self or others, but in the more abstract and colloquial sense.)

So, here we go.  I'll try to have links up to at least view my episodes.  If I can't make a download link or account, I permit downloads of HD versions of my eps from my YouTube site.

Now, as my dad is an attorney (and frankly getting into deep legal crap could hurt my chances of getting into a good residency big time), and since Id games produced a seriously cool title (one of several, I might add) that I am using under (I hope) the fair use act, I must give the following disclaimer, which is more detailed than the one I use as standard on the YouTube site.

Ahem: Quake 4 was produced by Id Software LLC, a ZeniMax Media company (In my credits I erroneously refer to Id as "IdGames," but that's what the company is to me...they make awesome games, and in the PC vs. Mac wars, they made hybrids which was uber awesome to me) with Raven Software (Jedi Knight 2 was kewl, BTW) and published by Activision.  All references used in the production are acknowledged as the intellectual property of their respective companies.  The only things which I claim for myself is the video editing and the voice work.  Any other extrinsic voice work for the purposes of production of this series belongs to the persons from which said voices eminated.  The audio/video data is not for sale or rent, and should be distributed freely.

(Think Fansubs, guys...if you want to chance it, it's legit to collect money only up to (and no more than) the cost of the recording media and shipping.  That's legit under the hall convention, I think...look it up to be sure.  But come on, do you really want to screw over a company as cool as Id?)

That goes.