Friday, April 6, 2012

"Where's the New Episode?"

Damn, you know, I thought only producers of the highest caliber like Ross Scott or Martin Billamy (Little Kuriboh) got that question.  And, to be honest, when I do get asked, it is prefaced with a rather understanding statement, such as, "I know you have a life and you're busy."  True that.  I'm studying for one of my med school final exams, the FCCE.  However, I also am trying to get some study break time, and even putting in an hour a day on my video work makes progress.

However, sometimes people don't get it, so I'm going to lay it out.

Because this latest episode is a cameo I promised someone, it is taking longer.  This is due to the schedules we both keep, and the logistics of coordinating two people in two different time zones.  Jared is exceedingly busy at times.  I'm hoping we can grab some time.

So, here's the update.

Kane's Mind episode 25 is close to 15 minutes long.
We are, thus far, 5 minutes in, a pretty hefty chunk of time.
We are working on getting the rest of it done in one session assuming we can schedule the time for it, although this may be a week or two away.  If we can't get it done in one session, I think we might be able to finish in two.

I didn't get this far into the project to abandon it halfway.  If I was going to pull the plug I'd have done so about twenty episodes ago.

About the April Fools' release:

I think this may have started with one of the Master Minds, with the Out of Our Minds series.  It's lately become a tradition of sorts...mind makers might make at least one.  I released this as an April Fool's joke because I had to give my fans SOMETHING...

Shout out to Curtis Trudeau-Brown (Corky064, Felix's Mind) for being the "Hendrix."

Until I can finish KM25, I'm working on bits and pieces of other projects, including another MLTF2 dub and an instructional video to teach technophobes how to build their own computer.  Yes, even these days, there are still computer-illiterate people.  However (and someone please correct me if I'm wrong because I would hate to misinform people), processors are hitting a new bottleneck...that is, the multicore processors improve efficiency, but you can still only cram so many transistors onto the silicon before heat becomes a greater issue.  So, terms have slowed their evolution, which means people have time to learn about the tech before the learning curve jumps again.

Pieces out.