Friday, October 26, 2012

Will Do Biochemistry For Food

The job hunt is driving me absolutely nuts. Now I have followed current events, and while I am not omniscient (read: "I could be wrong, I can't follow all the bazillions of news sources, both major and minor, it would take too long"), I'm not going to fault Obama...IMHO there are too many factors. And there is more than one branch of government. Greed, mindless opposition from the Tea Party (yeah, I've read up on them...they lost credibility with me on the 'death panels'), any wonder why his policies are suffering? (And I'd probably be a military officer if not for that stupid DODMERB...) The point is, I'm going out with a broad skill set, three degrees (BS, MS, MD), and nobody's hiring me. I'm not even putting up an ego...I have obligations to meet. And yeah, I'm wierd, but I never let down anyone who gave me a fair chance. This also explains why this latest ep of Kane's Mind is so late. However, I made a commitment when I started getting a lot of subscribers...that I would see this out to completion. Apparently...some people like the crap I do.

There are some issues I'd like to address...
  1.  I did retcon Kane's age owing to certain informational websites. 
  2.  Allegedly, the Armstrong Station incident resulted in all personnel being killed except for Kane, and that he was sworn to secrecy. I consider this a discrepancy as there are indications it wasn't exactly suppressed. Kane may have pulled survivors out, and they're now working at SMC labs. Whatever the case, information got out, and the SMC grunts know...Kane may have been one of those people like Gordon Freeman, the right man in the wrong place. However he's still a Marine. I've known a few. Some have taught me tactics on the paintball field. They are trained brutally and come out the best on the ground. (Though USAF and USN will argue about the air...) 
  3.  Some have argued about my political opinions. Personally I'm with Voltaire on this..."I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it." And actually, the line about Obamacare was on professional rather than political grounds. 
  4. "Kane has an artificial eye." This is another discrepancy between the lore sites and the game. The graphics would show at least a difference between his natural eye and his cybered eye. I went a different route using technology currently in actual experimentation, and following along similar lines as the "medchip." That said, I hoped to enrich Kane and stay within consistent precedents set by ID. 
Oh...and by the's the latest.  Pardon errors with the Spanish...and I intended that there be a homage to Red vs. Blue, whom I sponsored since 2002...that and Spanish is a language in which I had high school training.  (I'm retaking Spanish to hopefully attain fluency in a professional sense.)  Some sentences need grammatical correction, others, it's deliberate.  Example...

"I can has cheezburger" is grammatically incorrect, but it's an assembly of artistic license for a theme.  So my best literal translation to Spanish would be..."¿Yo puedo tiene cheezburger?"  That is, "Yo puedo" ("I can"), "tiene" ("has," the English conjugation, as in "he/she/it has," as opposed to "I have," "you have," or "they have,"), "cheezburger" (which would be translated as a foreign-derived cognate, like a brand name).

Seriously, I am not trying to rip off Red vs. Blue, I reference them in the dialogue (Kane is a history buff, so to him, Roosterteeth is part of modern media history) and in the credits.