Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Funny what Portal 2 can inspire...

Admittedly, Portal and Chell's Mind are CyhAnide's turf.  This is why I made this edit video as a tribute/mashup/spoof of Chell's Mind and Dr. Who.

She'll either love it or send me an activated turret in the mail.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 21...and some beta testing

Episode 21 is the first episode with two new changes:

1) This ep is built with new software.
2) This ep is built without the limit on time imposed by YouTube in the past.

Now, as far as ep lengths go, I'm going to try to keep episode lengths to close to 15 minutes apiece.  The de-limit gives me some margin of error.

Now on this post, once I put the movie up here, I wish for some info in the comments.  I need every shred of advice on pro-grade sound recording and editing so I can do what I can with the new software (Sony SoundForge).  My situation is largely: how do I record clear signals and amplify them appropriately (without mass distortion) and then mix them in?  Any user with experience in pro-grade software, please send me advice!  Now that I actually have legit purchased software, if there are bugs in the software, I can yell at the publisher...but the bugs I think are largely in my technique (the sound files from my previous sound editor were easier to work with, I'm trying to figure out how to get the same quality here).

Without further ado, the next ep of Kane's Mind!

And if you have to MST3K my work...at least let me in on it.  I do have a sense of humor! If I can't laugh a myself, what business do I have making comedy?  (I just get ticked at BAD jokes.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

You know you've been playing too much minecraft when...

  1. You look up at the clouds to find north.
  2. You've fractured your knuckles trying to get wood.
  3. You read #2 above and completely missed the double entendre.
  4. You're distressed that everything can't be fit into neat 1-meter cubes.
  5. You keep throwing bones at the neighbor's husky to get it to follow you.
  6. You've almost been killed trying to ride a minecart on the train tracks.
  7. You've been under investigation by BATF for repeated purchases of black powder and sand.
  8. The hardware store has thrown you out because you repeatedly tried to demonstrate how to make a workbench with only four wooden planks.
  9. You've stopped going to the supermarket, instead going out to hunt random pigs.
  10. You built a coal-fired furnace and ruined pork chops in it.
  11. Contractors keep quitting on you after they see your plans for renovation...which include building a mob grinder in the backyard.
  12. You've been arrested by the rangers at Saguaro National Park for sniping cacti at long range, and they don't believe you when you claim "self-defense."
  13. You've been arrested by the rangers at Saguaro National Park for stealing cacti, and they don't think "chickens keep clogging up the works" is an extenuating circumstance.
  14. The homeowner's association has lodged complaints against you for booby-trapping your front yard, and they refuse to accept that it's to "keep the griefers out."
  15. You've tried to carry 64 cubic meters of sand at one time in a backpack.
  16. You've responded to Jehovah's Witnesses with: "Sure, I believe in a higher power, I just want to know if he'll include rideable dragons in the next patch."
  17. You've tried to ride a pig to work.
  18. You have a restraining order from the state of Hawaii from the time you depleted the state supply of buckets trying to get lava.
  19. You have a restraining order against you from the United States Geological Survey.
  20. You've tried to fill your bank account using INVEdit.
  21. You won't go out with your friends at night unless they can assure you they set preferences to "peaceful."
  22. You're confused when the goths won't burst into flames during daylight hours.
  23. You've tried to ask the CO at Fort Knox, Kentuky; and the DeBeers diamond mining firm what their seeds were.
  24. You've been cited by the zoning board for digging tunnels under neighboring properties.
  25. It wasn't the bow that got you tossed in jail, it was the 128 arrows in the trunk of your car.
--By the Master Minds, from last night's conversation.
    That's all for now...except for one thing.

    Freeman's Mind episode 32 is now on YouTube!

      Thursday, May 5, 2011

      Did I mention how much I hate the USMLE?

      They call it the United States Medical Licensing Examination, Step 2, Clinical Knowledge and Clinical Skills.

      They should have called it the Unbelievably Sadistic Monstrously Ludicrous Examination, Career Killer and Career Stopper.

      Let me lay it out for you...I've been praised for my performance in clinical rotations, core and elective.  I have been up to my eyeballs in studies and finished multiple shelf examinations.  I have aced all but one of my core rotations.  AND I AM STILL HAVING TROUBLE WITH THE PRACTICE TESTS!!!

      So I slug it out endlessly with the exams.

      This is, in a nutshell, what would keep me from otherwise producing episodes on a regular basis.

      But...I will not be the first doctor to have residency and a movie project.  So it is possible that I can see this all to completion.

      I will keep working.  And when I meet this test, I will rain down hell upon it and it shall be laid to burnination.

      In other news...

      It's official.  I have been accepted into the ranks of the Master Minds.  To be truthful, I'm honored and humbled.  These guys have been at the top of the Minds game for years longer than I have.  And then there's Ross Scott, who, IMHO, isn't so much a Master Mind as he is an Uber Mind, having spawned this whole genre with Freeman's Mind.  So that's now the high point of my day.

      I've also ordered Sony Vegas 10 Platinum Suite, which should accomplish two things:
      1) It will render unnecessary three or four programs on my hard drive, which I can now uninstall.
      2) It's far more lag-free and not prone to frame drops like Windows Live Movie Maker (which I had been using because it was free and already installed...and now I can use something that works better).  So with that being easier, I can do the same work in less time...which is also what I have on hand...less time.  However I'm going to see what I can do about filming for the next episode...

      More good news.  YouTube has de-limited my time.  I'm no longer bound to a 15 minute limit.  However, I'm going to try to keep the eps to about 15 minutes apiece...having the limit gone means I have a margin for those extra few minutes on the tail end, and don't have to split episodes up so much.

      So, we'll see what happens.

      Tuesday, May 3, 2011

      Monday, May 2, 2011

      How To Stroggify a Marine

      The following information is conjecture and has not been backed or approved by Id Software.  As such, it is subject to change.

      Phase 1: Source acquisition
      This is the acquisition of the biological frame from which the new Strogg is created.  Some Strogg are gestated in vitro (refer to reconnaisance by Cpl. Bitterman, first wave, operation Overlord 2), but in combat, many are modified life forms, or "transfers."  Sometimes the process is a hybrid, in which enemy biologics are rendered for organic substrate for use in the gestation of new Strogg bioforms.

      Phase 2: Source preparation
      Transfers are first injected with the nanoprep agent in a physiologically compatible medium with appropriate stabilizing agents.  For humans, this is a normal saline base with corticosteroids.  The nanomachines are similar in partial function to those in health packs, but far more versatile and advanced.  Next, unnecessary biomass is removed from the transfer prior to first augmentation.  In most cases, this includes both legs and one arm.  All waste product is routed to processing and putrefaction for processing into either organic slurry for materials production or stroyent (a substrate which, when applied to the nanobots, induces rapid tissue growth and repair).

      Sometimes preparations are more radical, removing all limbs, all limbs plus the pelvis, or even removal of the brain, depending on the Strogg to be generated.  However, at this point the organism needs to at least be compatible with life.

      Phase 3: First Augmentation
      At this stage, the organism, still physically restrained, is fitted with cybernetic connection points which connect the organic parts to the cybernetic augments.  In some cases, these connection points include the augments already.  Some Strogg are generated to near-completion at this step.  Others are fitted prior to the next phase in order to attain completion at phase 5.

      Phase 4: Integration
      This is the implantation of the neuron-cybernetic integration system (neurocyte chip) into the central nervous system of the transfer.
      Phase 5: Activation
      This requires detailed mapping of the peripheral and central nervous system with information written to the neurocyte (also known as Neurocyte Registration).  This information allows the neurocyte to then sieze control of the central nervous system outside of the conscious control of the host.  This is the threshold, the effective "point of no return," as higher neural functions may atrophy as the host mind just "gives up."  However, if the transfer is removed from stroggification before mapping of the cortex is completed, the host retains control of their body.  It should be noted that it is theoretically possible to remove the neurocyte, but the estimates of risk are high.  Once activated, there is a limited amount of time within which it is theoretically possible to deactivate the neurocyte.  However, this must be done quickly.  It is unknown just how long it takes before a transfer becomes non-salvagable.

      Phase 6 (depending on design of strogg to be produced): Second augmentation
      Some strogg require more radical reconfiguration, and, once activated, are sent to undergo more radical alterations.  Sometimes these alterations remove all tissue down to the brain, placing the brain inside a host machine (seen in the "repair bots").  Tissue remains are either recycled whole, used intact in other bio-cybernetic support systems, or discarded.  If discarded, they are routed for use as feedstock in the production of organic substrate materials, including in vitro culture media for Strogg bio-bodies, various reagents, or the stroyent repair compound.


      Now that you've waded through my imaginary technical mind (interpret that phrase, I dare you), here's the good news.  The next episode of Kane's Mind is now complete.  As I write this, Windows Live Movie Maker (yeah, I still haven't found the spare cash for Sony Vegas) is publishing the episode to YouTube.  The process will take a couple of hours, including frame rendering, uploading, and YouTube server-side processing, and since it's late and I really need some sleep, you'll get to see it on YouTube before I even get to finalize the description or put the link on this site.