Friday, May 6, 2011

You know you've been playing too much minecraft when...

  1. You look up at the clouds to find north.
  2. You've fractured your knuckles trying to get wood.
  3. You read #2 above and completely missed the double entendre.
  4. You're distressed that everything can't be fit into neat 1-meter cubes.
  5. You keep throwing bones at the neighbor's husky to get it to follow you.
  6. You've almost been killed trying to ride a minecart on the train tracks.
  7. You've been under investigation by BATF for repeated purchases of black powder and sand.
  8. The hardware store has thrown you out because you repeatedly tried to demonstrate how to make a workbench with only four wooden planks.
  9. You've stopped going to the supermarket, instead going out to hunt random pigs.
  10. You built a coal-fired furnace and ruined pork chops in it.
  11. Contractors keep quitting on you after they see your plans for renovation...which include building a mob grinder in the backyard.
  12. You've been arrested by the rangers at Saguaro National Park for sniping cacti at long range, and they don't believe you when you claim "self-defense."
  13. You've been arrested by the rangers at Saguaro National Park for stealing cacti, and they don't think "chickens keep clogging up the works" is an extenuating circumstance.
  14. The homeowner's association has lodged complaints against you for booby-trapping your front yard, and they refuse to accept that it's to "keep the griefers out."
  15. You've tried to carry 64 cubic meters of sand at one time in a backpack.
  16. You've responded to Jehovah's Witnesses with: "Sure, I believe in a higher power, I just want to know if he'll include rideable dragons in the next patch."
  17. You've tried to ride a pig to work.
  18. You have a restraining order from the state of Hawaii from the time you depleted the state supply of buckets trying to get lava.
  19. You have a restraining order against you from the United States Geological Survey.
  20. You've tried to fill your bank account using INVEdit.
  21. You won't go out with your friends at night unless they can assure you they set preferences to "peaceful."
  22. You're confused when the goths won't burst into flames during daylight hours.
  23. You've tried to ask the CO at Fort Knox, Kentuky; and the DeBeers diamond mining firm what their seeds were.
  24. You've been cited by the zoning board for digging tunnels under neighboring properties.
  25. It wasn't the bow that got you tossed in jail, it was the 128 arrows in the trunk of your car.
--By the Master Minds, from last night's conversation.
    That's all for now...except for one thing.

    Freeman's Mind episode 32 is now on YouTube!


      1. Haha, oh wow, we need to have group convos more often.

      2. So, have I been playing too much do you think? *examines the splinters in my knuckles*

        1. Either that or you've been using the wrong kind of wood to practice breaks. My sensei uses 3/4" pine board. Haven't had any splinters on a palm strike.