Sunday, May 22, 2011

Episode 21...and some beta testing

Episode 21 is the first episode with two new changes:

1) This ep is built with new software.
2) This ep is built without the limit on time imposed by YouTube in the past.

Now, as far as ep lengths go, I'm going to try to keep episode lengths to close to 15 minutes apiece.  The de-limit gives me some margin of error.

Now on this post, once I put the movie up here, I wish for some info in the comments.  I need every shred of advice on pro-grade sound recording and editing so I can do what I can with the new software (Sony SoundForge).  My situation is largely: how do I record clear signals and amplify them appropriately (without mass distortion) and then mix them in?  Any user with experience in pro-grade software, please send me advice!  Now that I actually have legit purchased software, if there are bugs in the software, I can yell at the publisher...but the bugs I think are largely in my technique (the sound files from my previous sound editor were easier to work with, I'm trying to figure out how to get the same quality here).

Without further ado, the next ep of Kane's Mind!

And if you have to MST3K my least let me in on it.  I do have a sense of humor! If I can't laugh a myself, what business do I have making comedy?  (I just get ticked at BAD jokes.)

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