Thursday, January 12, 2012

For those who haven't seen YouTube...

By this time, it's been a while since the release of Kane's Mind episode 24.  And well worth it too, because:
1) Synchronizing the schedules of two "Minds" can be a pain, and
2) The end result works.

Jared doesn't do improv the way I do improv.  We have stylistic differences.  So, I used my style of improv...and left an open canvas.  What we got was a chocolate chip cookie.

Some background...I'd read books on invention, and the chocolate chip cookie was an accident in the plant.  However, they ran out the batch...and it ran incredibly well.  The rest is history.

Working with my style, that happens a lot.  Sometimes I have an expectation, and then I take it on a tangent, editing or random ideas factor in...and then the lightbulb goes on.  "Holy crap...this works better!"

Jared got a cameo for helping me figure out a technical issue a year ago.  The first few lines were executed when we had a face-to-face meeting over July 4.  I freewheeled it...and he came up with some great ideas in the process.  Kane's Mind 24 is as much his talent as mine.  And he finishes out his cameo (okay, not that big a spoiler, I mean if you've actually played Quake 4 you will know what happens, don't know where we go with it, do you?) in KM 25.

So, here it is:

Furthermore, in the interim, I worked on another "My Little Team Portal 2" video.  I did some research on the comments, and looked up some Brony opinions, and finally found roles for the Sniper and Pyro that did not insult the roles.  (My first MLTF2 video had the Pyro as the "voice" of the snooty prince...)  I hope to leave the Portal crossover out of any further MLTF2 gets insanely complex at times.

On another note, I bought a Cherilee figure that I hoped to donate to Toys for Tots, but when I went to donate, the USMC already collected the bin.  I'd welcome suggestions for agencies to which to donate.

And sorry, if I get too many private collectors, it goes on EBay.  I bought this to give to charity.  (Actually if EBay will let me, most of it will go to 75-90% of the proceeds from the sale).

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