Friday, June 29, 2012

So...where is the new episode?

Okay. I have been largely busy, but with good reason, so my fans (at least those that read my posts on my site) shall be enlightened. I have been busy finishing up my MD. The bad news...I am not licensed to practice yet. The good news...I have my MD, which means I am as much a doctor as a PhD is a doctor. I'm working my way towards formal licensure bit by bit so sooner or later I will be fully trained and practicing. Or maybe not...I might end up like Michael Crichton and, while medically educated, produce something of worth on a sci-fi front. Kane's Mind is NOT dead. Let me make that clear. There have been technical and logistical issues. Bearing in mind that episodes 24 and 25 have been a dual effort by myself and Jared. Coordinating two people in two timezones with two lives and independent technical difficulties (my network and software issues and Jared's microphone breaking down) is not easy in an amateur production. Jared and I have been working hard to the best of our abilities to finish this joint project and get our own projects back on track. In the meantime I have been trying to apply some creativity in some spare time. I am glad that people actually like my work, and if people have constructive criticism (bearing in mind I'm working from the PC version, and making allowances for the rendering, models, and NPC scripts that ID software produced), I'd be glad to either make intelligent counter-arguments or improve my own work...or more likely, both. I'll try to keep kicking out some content that people actually enjoy. So far the MLTF2 dub spoofs have entertained bronies and non-bronies alike (kind of what I geared it for). I have one more in the works, and then I'm thinking of doing a TF2 dub based on "The Hunger Games" trailer. But Jared and I are going to finish KM25 so I can resume my own pace. So far...he's exceeded his own stellar performance on KM24. Ross Scott and Martin Billamy (Little Kuriboh) had long delays before releasing new episodes. I can only hope that I can meet the same demands for quality. Hang in there. It's coming.


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  2. Just a quick note considering voice quality:

    Since Kane`s Mind 22 (I think it`s when you changed editing software), the start/stop of mic recording can be heard even on medium volume(but it drops in later episodes). Not annoying or anything, its even like there is some after-stroggification voice change, like his vocal cords are messed up. If you were looking for something to make Kane more Stroggy, but not too much, this might be it.