Friday, March 30, 2012

Skyrim: the character, the current state

"If anyone had suggested that I would amount to a high position I would have called them mad.  I was just one wood elf whose parents were wiped out in a purge, and ended up among other thinking people.  I was raised to respect intelligent life.  In my youth we had traded with humans and beastfolk in small groups.  So what if humans didn't have pointed ears or lived as long as mer?  They tried to live.  So did we.  I was an orphan, a survivor once destined for execution merely by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Then I worked my way up to High Hrothgar with Lydia, my housecarl...although I treat her as a comrade in arms, as when open battle is nigh, she is invaluable as a frontline asset.  It seems...although I cannot understand how...I have a skill with working the energy of magicka.  When I reached the monastery...I did what the monks asked...and they pronounced me dragonborn.  They taught me how to use my 'thu'um', that it was something that could be learned...but for me, would be natural."

"Ran into the Companions of first glance, the place looks like a stronghold of fighters...but going inside and speaking with these people on the reccomendation of one who pointed me here...these people, humans, elves, all...are all after my own heart.  Honorable fighters, but given a task will get the job done.  An order of true warriors, sparing the innocent lives.  Although...there's something I see in a few of their eyes.  A wildness...but it reminds me of the woods."

"Ran into a problem on a retrieval of an artifact fragment. senior went...big and furry.  Wow.  Werewolves are not only real, but the powerful ones aren't mindless beasts.  They carry that power.  I don't know if they mean to make me a seems to be up in the air.  There is an issue, though, based on the conduct of people in the environment.  This party...the 'silver hand.'  My commanding companion's conduct is that like a soldier.  Even as a werewolf, he handled himself well, choosing his targets.  If he was a monster, I would have been fighting for my life."

"A later ritual...a human, Aela, was my 'forebear,' to invite me into the senior council of the companions, the 'circle.'  I use the blood she gives..."

"HOLYCRAPWHATARUSH!  Oh geez...I'm huge...I'm in  The underforge.  People will panic.  Guards will arm themselves and I may have to act in defense.  Better to duck out.  There's a passage out another way..."

"Oh man, what'd I do last night?  Oh, hi Aela..."

"The werewolf blood isn't so bad...I'm used to not being rested, and I feel alive, like being in the forests at home at times.  What's's not like it's in control of me.  I feel like it's like my sword, only active if I pull it."

"The companions are well and good, but I need guidance in other ways.  Blade, bow, and armor work well, but I'm a dovahkiin, apparently.  There's a lot more out there.  I think I need to head to Winterhold."

Much later...

"Are these people KIDDING ME?!  I could count at least three senior mages that could handle the task better than I...all I did was do detective work and find the necessary artifacts to keep one location from exploding on a scale that would have put a crater in the map of Skyrim!  In the short term I could understand awarding me merit...but they made me Arch Mage of the College!  I am very thin on arcane arts theory.  I am glad they still allow me to learn.  Frankly I think Tolfdir would be a better Archmage...he has not only the aptitude, but the professionalism and the wisdom of experience.  I only knew Archmage Savos Aren briefly, I met him reporting on errands while I was in the college.  He was just, firm, and a quiet academic...and had a way of quietly earning respect.  I'd faced entities that would start tearing me apart in seconds.  Archmage Aren was one who could do it faster, but had a restraint about him.  How can I hope to replace him?  On the plus side, there is a pragmatist who deals in...well, I would say questionable goods, but if I am to be the senior of the college, I have to say he does not deal in things that could be...overtly catastrophic.  Surely, a powerful weapon could be dangerous...but given the fact we had an artifact here that could have blown a chunk of Skyrim off the map...Enthir's dealings are fair and circumspect.  Mages on campus with high level spells aren't deploying them on fellow students.  On the other hand, I've faced said spells in the field, and taken down the casters with blade and bow, still surviving.
...maybe that's why they made me Archmage?
Anyway, many of the young mages here give me hope.  Our senior librarian is an orc, very protective of the books, justly so.  We have an ambitious Khajit who hoped to be Archmage...Maybe not the archmage here but he may be a renowned mage if he develops better spells.  We have a nord mage, highly dedicated with a drive that reminds me of me when I was learning my own basic spells."

"I swear, half the time I come back to the college another dragon drops on the place and starts attacking not only me but the staff and students.  We prevail again.  All are alive and well.  But Faralda...I swear, if she didn't simply try to emphasize that she was 'most helpful,' and simply expanded her own aptitude...hell, I lived in the woods most of my life before coming to Skyrim and learned merit over station, and that nobility is defined by action...if she stopped brown-nosing and simply went professional...
Tolfdir needs to be on the senior instruction staff, and Mirabelle Ervine should have been my senior, but if I am to be Archmage, I want her on hand to be my second because she keeps this place running.
Elves live longer.  Faralda will either have to be patient, or put aside ambition for academics."

"This is getting more and more tricky.  First the college.  Now the Companions.  I can't deny the services I did them, but I am a newcomer.  Surely Aela would be a better leader for the Companions than I!  And yet, at times when we fought together, she had a pragmatic bent that I would not have expected, picking up a staff of fireballs and using it in battle.  That, and coupled with the knowledge that nords are not only learning at the Winterhold College, but Teaching there...perhaps, as long as Jorrvaskr and the Winterhold College remain neutral, that we can open all possibilities to the citizens of Skyrim."

"Like it or not, I'm rooted here."

"Twice already.  I get hit by people jumping out of the bushes to kill me...and they have written orders mentioning me by name.  And now, I get hooked up with this kid who's summoning an assassin for the 'dark brotherhood...' the party mentioned on the notes..."

"Astrid, the leader of the dark brotherhood, tried to recruit me.  You know, I might like to learn to be an assassin, it might help me be a more effective warrior for the companions.  But...I am a bit miffed that these guys are actively out to kill me."

"Arch Mage, Arch Fighter, and now, thanks to entanglements with a guild of thieves, arch-thief.  With all these arches, you could build a bridge out of me!!!"

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