Thursday, March 29, 2012


You know, I don't think it is possible to do a "mind" series based on Skyrim unless you have master-level editing skills.  Largely, the gameplay includes a lot of menu accesses which freeze game time so you can equip your character.  These equipment changes aren't all without penalty in a hot combat situation.  You do need a split second to swap spells or weapons.  A skilled editor could work frame-by-frame to find appropriate transitions.

However, as Simon James and Jared O'Brien had tried to say in so many words by presenting examples in "Out of Our Minds" (two episodes I had been involved in and I hope to do others because, hell, it was so much fun), Minds series are easy to do...but difficult to do well.  I actually found one mind maker on YouTube who actually re-voiced a voiced character, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 of the Halo series, and did a good job of it:

He even got tongue in cheek and held the dialogue for the cutscenes.  He didn't even deviate from the scenario of "what'd I do last night..."  Most people push that too far.  With someone coming out of cryo it's reasonable, but if you'd followed the Halo franchise, MCPO John-117 comes out of it.

And yeah, the voice seems a bit young, but in Halo:Fall of Reach, John always seemed a bit young to me.  And the timbre matches quite a few Marine NCO's I'd met in person...and don't laugh (civvies) or take offense (marines) because these guys were (and hopefully still are) fully-trained ass kickers.

I will say this...if this is the same Bethesda that was "Bethesda Softworks," the same people who created "Terminator: Future Shock" I will say this...why the hell did you waste so much time with Fallout?!  Okay, maybe it wasn't a waste, I hadn't played it.  That statement was a gut reaction owing to RSMM2's "mind" series.

A quick aside...I saw two "mind" series based on Skyrim.  One had one episode and looked like it could turn into something good.  One had multiple episodes and looked like it was going to turn into shit for a minds series and should have been established as a "Let's Play."  I gave a lot of criticism to the latter.  Response?  He wanted more input.  More ways to improve.  He wanted something good.

Skyrim is something to experience.  Bethesda gave us everything we could want in an MMORPG, including the interface, the interactivity, and the environment, with the AI dynamic...without worrying about PK's, resource farmers, and underground illicit economies.  Plus, you only pay once.  You don't get locked into a class.  The only thing you're locked into as a character is your race.  (The only thing I wish Bethesda did was offer more racial histories on each race so we could get more into our characters.)

If this Bethesda is the same Bethesda that did "Terminator:Future Shock" I only have one complaint...WHY DIDN'T YOU REVAMP IT FOR NEWER SYSTEMS?!  Seriously.  I remember playing it on a 386, then a had a solid plot and kept the ambeance.  There are times I'd wished I'd been more of a computer game junkie in high school so I could run the story to conclusion...the story of a survivor, a lucky escapee of a Skynet death camp, joining the resistance under John Connor, fighting the battle.  Things were silent...simple, you were running the solo ops, danger could occur anywhere.

Back to Skyrim...I have to say some things...but not from my PoV.  Next post.

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