Thursday, July 24, 2014

ComiCon 2014 Promotion: Day 1

It's been 8 years since I've been to the last ComiCon, and MY, have things changed.  First, you can't even get badges at the's become so popular, the only way to get badges is in advance.  So, basically, I can't go inside.  Not that it would matter in the early hours, anyway.

To put it's the Convention Center:

I'm not even to the building yet and there's lots of convention stuff.  This convention has expanded to include the surrounding hotels.

The line to get into the Convention Center proper runs from the front, doubles back on itself in some tents...

Runs around to the back...

This is where the line went to in 2006, but it doesn't stop here.  Because they had to keep the back entrance clear, they diverted the line across the street...

Yep, it's STILL going.  It's going all the way to the harbor...

I think I can just see the end.

This entire line was a great opportunity to promote Kane's Mind..."hey, want a movie while you wait?"  Now if even a fraction of the people I handed out cards to actually scan them and watch it, I'll consider it a minor victory. 

My advice...unless you're booking a hotel room nearby, budget $160 for parking over the 4 days.  The safety is worth the premium.  And GET THERE EARLY, bring water, sunblock, and spare batteries for your smartphone.  And if you're really planning to go, check the website and plan out your days!  With the convention this huge, you'll be making travel plans WITHIN the city!

The convention population increases the closer one gets to Saturday, and then it just explodes into a city in and of itself.

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