Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Where have I been?

First of all...I want to admit to what few viewers I have (and what future viewers I might have if they bothered to look at the URL at the end of my video...yeah, I know how many positive reviews I get on YouTube but lots of good people get lost in the noise...most better than I am), that I have issues.  Some have seen a reply to one of my posts in which Jared O'Brien called me out on things.

In many respects, he was right.

I was hoping that my viewers would bother to check my blog.  Some people actually liked my work.  Not many, but some.  So, I did come off as an egotistical snot in preparation for my audience...except my audience wasn't going beyond my YouTube page.

I do have issues.  Yes, I admit.  But I am dealing with them, either with introspection or with professional therapy.  Those issues are mine, and I will not lay them on the community at large.  I won't become another emo blog site.

I made a promise that I would run Kane's Mind out to completion.  Episode 32 is in the works, 60% complete.  I'm also considering (but, I have not yet committed to) a Kane's Mind prequel with Doom 3, which features Matthew's grandfather, John Kane (and he's somewhat canon, according to the novels).  Or, now that I have some reliable capture hardware, I could even go and do a re-make of Isaac Clarke's Mind (Dead Space 1).  I'm kind of leaning more away from that since Clarke got a significant voice in DS2 and 3.  TRT388 is already doing a creditable effort on Master Chief's Mind, and I hope that IRAMightyPirate follows through with Harrison's Mind...he's doing a rather good job as a comic actor in AvP2.  And I'd really like to see Mark finish Point Man's mind...

"All of our advanced space-based technological breakthroughs...and I can't even get a roll of duct tape to put my flashlight on my assault rifle.  Thanks a lot.  I can't even get a few lightsticks?"

Minds may be an old fad...but to be honest, some of us are trying to keep a good thing going, or at least give it a good end.

(Oh, and Jared...another honest comment...I did see your "Legend of Korra Abridged" was like seeing Little Kuriboh's first episodes.  I think you'll go far with that one and give the masters a run for their money.  You got more mad skillz than I do for that.)

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